San Francisco Model Yacht Club  M-class SF #8

Planked hull had several cracks, keel was loose in the boat and ballast was coming off keel, the hull was very wet inside.

Hull was stripped to bare wood, dried out,  old putty etc. was removed, hull planking repaired as necessary

There was many years of paint, putty, and resins from many past repairs.

The planking had become very thin from many sandings through the years.

After repairing the hull planking, keel, and ballast the hull was faired, sanding as little wood as possible.

The keel was fiberglassed and reinforced at the hull joint, a second layer of cloth covered the keel

and up the hull above the water line, and then the remaining hull was glassed over lapped and faired.

Two part epoxy primer sanded and faired, and two coats of LP white paint applied.

Hopefully she will sail again and be strong enough to withstand hitting the side's of the lake.

After a long stay in my shop,  she went home with a new stand for another member to finish rigging and get sailing again.  

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